Talent trees are the RPG element in Magic the Gathering Tactics. Each color has its own skill selection that reflects the traditional properties of that color. The talent trees are accessed from the profile icon in the main screen.

Their are 5 tiers of talents for each color and the prerequisite to higher tiers is 5 points in the lower tiers. For example, 10 points is required in the black talent tree in order to invest in tier 3 black talents.

Points start at experience level 5 and continue until level 55, giving a total of 50 talent points. This is enough to fill out one talent tree completely.

Talent points can be spread out among all colors or focused in one tree. These skills function independently of actual deck colors being used by the player so themes can combine in new ways. For example, A completely white deck can now also have the theme of blue with a planeswalker invested in blue talents.

Talent points can be reset at any time with no penalty.

Talent tree cards

Talent points can be spent on adding cards to your collection. Click here for details.

Talent tree lists

Talent trees, separated by color:

Desc-holder Icon-blue
Desc-holder Icon-black
Desc-holder Icon-red
Desc-holder Icon-green
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