Red tree

The red talent tree reflects traditional green Magic the Gathering characteristics. It focuses on destruction and strength.

Click the tier heading to cycle through the other color talents, of the same tier, for comparison.

Tier one talents

Speedy-arrival-1 Desc-holder Mountain-journey-1
Speedy-arrival-5 Desc-holder Mountain-journey-5

Tier two talents

Fists-of-the-anvil-1 Desc-holder Fiery-ambusher-1
Fists-of-the-anvil-5 Desc-holder Fiery-ambusher-5

Tier three talents

Burning-metal-1 Desc-holder Overwhelming-gambit-1
Burning-metal-5 Desc-holder Overwhelming-gambit-5

Tier four talents

Fiery-army-1 Desc-holder Goblinweaver-1
Fiery-army-5 Desc-holder Goblinweaver-5

Tier five talents

Wheel-of-fate-1 Desc-holder Draconic-spellcaster-1
Wheel-of-fate-5 Desc-holder Draconic-spellcaster-5
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