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This wiki will be used as a sandbox to help other wiki's until further notice.

Announced by SOE: on March 28, 2014 Magic the Gathering Tactics will no longer be supported. The game is no longer available. The main pages of this wiki is kept intact for historical purpose until further notice.

Magic the Gathering Tactics incorporates the traditional Magic the Gathering Card game with elements of RPG and puts them together in a turn-based strategic board game in 3D.

The inclusion of collectible mechanics (with rare and mythic cards) allows for one of the best things about Magic the Gathering: deck building. When combined with talent trees and new board mechanics, this brings a fresh experience to the world of Magic the Gathering where cards combinations and talent points can come to life in a 3D battlefield.

Victory or defeat hinges on what deck and talent trees you build, what and when to play, where and how you place things, and the normal randomness plus surprises your opponent can deliver inherent in traditional Magic The Gathering. This gives a complete overall thrill of victory plus the thrill of progression in cards, skills, and new deck ideas.

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Tactics mechanics (How to play)
Starting decks
Card lists
Talent trees
Campaign missions
Daily missions
Online tournaments
Free Tactics (How to play for free)


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