Silver Creek Entertainment limits the number of fooms per hand that can be done per player. This to both ensure that a single player cannot continuously spam a game and that the server cant be crashed by multiple people.

A command string should be prioritized, given a foom limit. For instance, when doing a "good luck" command string the priority lies in what should be done first.

If the priority lies in giving luck to your partner first, "/luck 2" should be the first command. What should be done second should be the second command. "/luck 2,1,3" works if giving luck to everyone else is the first priority but giving luck to your partner is the highest priority. After that, "/srainbow" or any other fooms desired can be added in order of priority. Text should be added to the string at the end, in case the foom count is high enough to accommodate the entire string.

Example of priority in command strings:

/luck 2,1,3&&/srainbow 2&&/luck me&&/srainbow 1,3&&/pay2&&/srainbow me&&/pay 1,3&&/star 2,1,3&&pay me&&gle

Total foom count: 15

Text displayed no matter what happens: gle

The above example will give luck to everyone and a super rainbow to your partner and display "gle" if the foom count is only 5. It will, of course, differ if the foom count is different but with prioritization, it should give good results no matter what.