Flash is a special ability in Magic the Gathering Tactics.

A creature with flash can be summoned anytime an instant can be played.

Unique characteristics

The flash ability is only practical during a creatures turn under your control (see instants).

A summoned creature will start its first turn in order of casting{{Verify}}, so it can be advantages to cast a creature as soon as possible.

When combined with haste, a creature with flash will have a turn just after the turn on which it is summoned. Since the red talent speedy arrival can give any creature haste, red talents can combine well with flash.


The flash ability is worded the same in both the traditional Magic card game and in the Tactics game.

In the traditional card game creatures with flash can be played after attackers are declared by an enemy. This gives the advantage of surprise, excepting the tell tale hint of mana saved for the spell.

The Tactics game captures the spirit of flash by stopping enemy movement with a summoned creatures threat range but its power is vastly lessened unless combined with haste. This allows power cards such as Aluren to exist without complete brokenness.

Traditional Aluren
Card-holder Aluren
Tactics Aluren
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