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Fear is a special ability in traditional Magic the Gathering.

Although it is not technically a special ability in Magic the Gathering Tactics, any creature can have fear through the black talent Demonic Lifetaker and the black creature enchantment Fear can give fear as well. The Avatar of Woe has a unique ability that is the same as fear.

A creature with fear can't be counterattacked.

Unique characteristics

Fear is offensive protection from other figures that can withstand an initial attack.

When combined with defensive protection (such as deathtouch, first strike or flying) fear can become problematic for an enemy to deal with. As a stand alone ability, however, a creature with fear is subject to normal enemy attacks.

The black talent Demonic Lifetaker can be invoked anytime the extra mana is available, giving many combination possibilities with fear.


Fear works differently in Magic the Gathering Tactics than in the traditional Magic card game.

While the spirit of the ability is the same, the different mechanics paint very different pictures.

In traditional Magic the Gathering, creatures can't attack other creatures as a normal mechanic.
This gives creatures with fear complete freedom to repeatedly attack any opponent who doesn't have artifact or black creatures to defend with.

In Magic the Gathering Tactics, however, a creature with fear can be attacked as normal.
This weakens the fear ability to the point of excluding the creatures from the game, since it's not worth the extra mana that the traditional Magic creature spells require.

  • Note that the creature enchantment spell Fear can be a surprise in Magic the Gathering Tactics, since it can be used on a creature that will have a turn before enemy creatures do, thus upsetting the status quo on the board.
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