Deathtouch is a special abiliy in Magic the Gathering Tactics.

A figure with deathtouch destroys any creature it counterattacks.

Unique characteristics

Deathtouch has no effect if the figure attacks, only if the figure counterattacks.

How much damage a figure with deathtouch deals does not matter once deathtouch is triggered, however, the figure must withstand the initial attack or have first strike in order to counterattack. This may make the health of the figure important.

Deathtouch can only be triggered by enemy creature attacks, so it acts like a type of protection rather than an offensive ability. This can be used to draw out an enemy planeswalker into melee combat.


Deathtouch works differently in Magic the Gathering Tactics than in the traditional Magic card game.

In traditional Magic cards, creatures with deathtouch can both attack and block effectively. The deathtouch ability will destroy any potential blocker and a creature with it can attack with relatiave impunity. Just having a creature with deathtouch to defend with can bring an enemy attack to a standstill.

In Magic the Gathering Tactics, however, deathtouch has little power other than to protect the figure that has it, if the figure can withstand the initial attack. Given the fact that the attacker is normally the first to do damage, it doesn't even do that very well, although combined with enchantments that boost combat survival can make a formidable figure for an enemy to deal with (or choose not to deal with). If a figure with deathtouch is never attacked, it can have relative free reign to attack enemies.

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Tactics Death Baron
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