Cloak is a special ability unique to Magic the Gathering Tactics.

A figure with cloak may become invisible to opposing players.

A figure can be "uncloaked" by an enemy trying to move through its space or if its affected by a spell.

A figure can attack while cloaked but immediately becomes "uncloaked".

Unique characteristics

A enemy spell cannot target a cloaked figure, however, a spell can indirectly include a cloaked figure as a target thus "uncloaking" it.

  • Ex. An area of effect damage spell or a spell that includes "all creatures".

If the cloaked figure is affected by a friendly spell it becomes "uncloaked".

A cloaked figure can not be attacked while it is cloaked although it can be "uncloaked" as above and possibly be attacked before it has a turn to cloak again.

A figure enters the board "uncloaked" but has the option to cloak.

No move actions can be taken during the turn in which a figure cloaks.


Magic the Gathering Tactics spells that have the cloak ability are different than traditional Magic card spells.

The cloak ability tends to mimic traditional Magic card abilities that have mechanics that otherwise would not work in Magic the Gathering Tactics.

The Royal Assassin, for instance, has a traditional ability that allows it to destroy a creature that is tapped. Since nothing taps in Magic the Gathering Tactics, the cloak ability allows the Royal Assassin to mimic its traditional ability when coupled with its unique damage ability.

The cloak ability can also mimic the traditional shadow ability, shown by the Infiltrator il-Kor.

Traditional Royal Assassin
Tactics Royal Assassin
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Traditional Infiltrator il-Kor
Tactics Infiltrator il-Kor
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