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Type Black Enchantment


Gives all creatures indestructible.

Rarity Promo
Set 2
Artist Christopher Rush

All Hallow's Eve is a black enchantment that affects all creatures, friend and foe alike. Creatures can't be destroyed while All Hallow's Eve is in play. See Indestructible.

There are many strategies that can include All Hallow's Eve in a deck. The most obvious are to press a creature advantage or as a defense to burn decks. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that any enemy creatures will gain less advantage than yours.

Creatures with lifelink and unique abilities that directly damage planeswalkers can glean benefit from All Hallow's Eve as well as creatures that require sacrifice, since creatures can't be destroyed before the sacrifice takes place.

Spells and effects that destroy enchantments and exile creatures should be included in a Hallow's deck to curb any advantage a enemy might gain.

Note: Large creatures may have a problem maneuvering with lots of creatures on the board.


The history of All Hallow's Eve development went back and forth from sorcery to enchantment then back to sorcery with scream counters.

Tactics revamps it into an enchantment that captures the spirit of the card but functions very differently. Instead of reviving all creatures in the graveyard, All Hallow's Eve keeps creatures from dying in the first place. This may also be a reflection between the origins of Halloween and the modern day practice of trick-or-treating which results in streets eventually filling up with "creatures".

Traditional All Hallow's Eve
Card-holder All-hallow's-eve
Tactics All Hallow's Eve
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